Mixing Up Financial Independence Like a Perfect Gin Cocktail

On Independence Day 2020, FinCocktail began with a mission to educate the youth of India on everything about money. We started with posts on Instagram & Facebook, making finance fun and easy to understand. Our name, FinCocktail, was inspired by Gin Cocktails, creatively mixing finance with excitement.


Now, FinCocktail shares helpful insights about finance on social media, helping people manage their money better. We also offer personal consultation and hold webinars for corporates & SMEs. We aim to increase financial knowledge in India, where people are always gathering to learn more about handling their finances better.

Core Mission

Empower India With Financial Literacy


Sayali Rai


Sayali’s journey in becoming the founder of FinCocktail is nothing short of inspiring. Raised in a family immersed in finance discussions, with a CS mom and a CA/CPA dad, financial literacy was ingrained in her from a young age. She pursued her passion for finance and marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business, followed by an MBA at Babson College.

Her corporate stint at Citibank’s investment banking division gave her valuable insights and made her realize her entrepreneurial calling. Over dinner with friends, she noticed a gap in financial understanding among educated professionals. This led her to start FinCocktail in August 2020, initially targeting women but later expanding to a wider audience.

Recognizing the need for expertise and a like-minded partner, she strategically brought on board her friend Niyati. Together, they embarked on a transformative mission to demystify finance, leveraging their combined skills and passion to create engaging content on social media platforms. By January 2021, Sayali and Niyati formed a dynamic team, working tirelessly to spread financial awareness through FinCocktail.

Niyati Thaker


Meet Niyati, a Mumbai native with big dreams and a knack for finance! Her journey started in a bustling household, with her parents encouraging her to aim high and reach far. From her school days, Niyati exhibited a clear determination for excellence, laying the foundation for her journey towards success.

After earning her BBA with honours from Kingston University in London, Niyati dove into finance, conquering all 3 levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst program. She honed her skills at ASK Wealth Advisors, managing portfolios for High Net Worth Individuals and navigating the dynamic world of client sentiments and market shifts.

But Niyati’s story took an exciting turn when her childhood friend Sayali proposed a venture into financial literacy for India’s youth. Joining forces at FinCocktail, Niyati brought her expertise to social media, demystifying finance one post at a time.

Now, Niyati and Sayali continue building lasting relationships with clients, blending their experience with a fresh approach to financial education.